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  • From documentaries to podcasts, Andrew Jenks challenges himself with What Really Happened?
    Speaking with documentarian turned podcaster, Andrew Jenks, his voice is more relaxed and casual but those are the only discernible differences. He doesn’t have a separate “radio voice” and...
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  • Chris Hardwick Talks Nerdist, ID10T, And The Future Of Podcasting
  • Michael Smith: ESPN panicked and 'muted' him and former 'SportsCenter' co-host Jemele Hill
  • Jenks, who hosts the podcast What Really Happened?, is charmed by the freshly engaged cinnamon prince
  • Mitch Albom Talks About Cadence13, 'The Netflix Of Podcasts,' And Return Of 'The Sports Reporters'

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RT @SpotifyUSA From growing up in the Dominican Republic to becoming a @RedSox legend, listen to the in-depth story of @davidortiz in #TheBigPapiStory. spoti.fi/2J5RjPR pic.twitter.com/28id5at8gg

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PODCAST STATS – Quicks Facts About the Rapidly Growing Industry

  • Americans listen to a podcast every month

  • Monthly listening increase between 2015 & 2018

  • Podcasts listened to per week for average listener