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  • Chris Hardwick Talks Nerdist, ID10T, And The Future Of Podcasting
    Hardwick felt there was more to say about the name change, the podcast’s move to Cadence13, and his surprising plans to syndicate the show’s catalog for radio. So he...
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  • Michael Smith: ESPN panicked and 'muted' him and former 'SportsCenter' co-host Jemele Hill
  • Jenks, who hosts the podcast What Really Happened?, is charmed by the freshly engaged cinnamon prince
  • Mitch Albom Talks About Cadence13, 'The Netflix Of Podcasts,' And Return Of 'The Sports Reporters'
  • 40 Under 40: Behind the Scenes in Sports Media

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PODCAST STATS – Quicks Facts About the Rapidly Growing Industry

  • Americans listen to a podcast every month

  • Monthly listening increase between 2015 & 2018

  • Podcasts listened to per week for average listener