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Podcasting is Going to be Big Business

There’s lots of chatter about podcasting today — from hobbyists, from fans, and from the companies deeply embedded in the space. But all that is nothing compared to what’s coming…

UFC Unfiltered Over 1 Million Downloads

Congratulations to Jim Norton, Matt Serra and UFC Team on reaching 1 million downloads. After just 6 weeks, the show has been well received by critics and fans everywhere. The show goes live every Tuesday and Thursday!

4 Reasons to Listen to JJ

  4 Reasons NBA Fans Should Subscribe to The Vertical Podcast with JJ Redick The rivalry between Duke guard JJ Redick and Gonzaga forward Adam Morrison was a thing of the past – something that hadn’t crossed my mind, really, since Redick ousted Morrison for the bulk of the Player of the Year honors a decade ago in 2006.  

The Vertical: Forefront of NBA news

  BOSTON GLOBE – “Adrian Wojnarowski — known as Woj to his 1.43 million Twitter followers — breaks quality NBA news in such a high quantity that anticipating him getting a scoop has become an essential part of following the league. NBA news — such as his seismic tweet Wednesday night that revealed Dwyane Wade had joined the Bulls — doesn’t seem official until he reports it, and he almost always reports it first.”  

The Vertical Podcast with Woj

    It’s the free agency move that shook the NBA world. On this episode of The Vertical Podcast with Woj, special guest Jeff Van Gundy joins Adrian Wojnarowski to discuss the impact of Kevin Durant joining the Golden State Warriors. What does this seismic shift mean to the NBA as a league?  

Daring Fireball’s John Gruber on Recode Media

  John Gruber has built the world’s most powerful one-man media company, Daring Fireball. On this week’s Recode Media with Peter Kafka, Gruber shares how his journey started and gives insight into the strategy behind monetizing his podcast.