Gotham Chopra says Religion of Sports’ new Why Sports Matter podcast picks stories with “heart,” and “with real layers”

There are a whole lot of sports podcasts out there, as shown with our Should I Listen To This? series, but that isn’t stopping new players from entering the marketplace. One interesting new entry comes from the very-busy Gotham Chopra and his Religion of Sports company (co-founded with Michael Strahan and Tom Brady); Chopra currently has Season 3 of that documentary show airing in Audience (starting tonight at 8 ET/PT), he directed the recently-aired Showtime series Shut Up And Dribble (with LeBron James as an executive producer), and he’s the host for Religion of Sports’ new “Why Sports Matter” podcast (in association with podcast network Cadence13).

This Week in True-Crime Podcasts: Fall of a Titan: “The Bodyguard”

Sport’s Illustrated’s Fall of a Titan reexamines the case and explores the questions so many have had: Did Jenny really kill Steve? You don’t have to be a sports fan to get wrapped up in this case; it is broadly fascinating, and you won’t be able to stop thinking about it.

Ramble: Cadence13 and UTA Creates Podcast Network for YouTube Stars

UTA has teamed up with Cadence13 to create Ramble, which they say is the first podcast network devoted exclusively to online creators. The first members of the network include Rhett and Link, hosts of the YouTube show “Good Mythical Morning,” and Hannah Hart, host of “My Drunk Kitchen.”