Billboard – The ‘Long May They Run’ podcast deep dives the strange stories of America’s endearing jam band

It wasn’t enough to push their fans beyond their musical comfort zone — for the 2018 Curveball Fest, Phish wanted to find a way to deeply annoy them. Repeatedly. And for no other reason than the band’s own amusement.So they came up with the Mime Field.The plan was to force fans attending the multi-day festival at Watkins Glen International speedway in Upstate New York to make a terrible choice: Each night, while exiting the event, festival-goers could take a long and very much out-of-the-way route to get to the camping grounds, or they could take a shorter walk through a pitch black field where dozens of mimes lie in wait.

Vanity Fair – The Business of Being a YouTube Star

“It’s like you’re doing 10 people’s jobs at once,” says Chamberlain of the YouTuber grind. Filming, editing, and, of course, being the on-air personality. “It’s a crazy amount of work.” And yet Chamberlain always seems to be having fun, even when tired or stressed or dealing with the latest zit.

Rolling Stone – Gangster Capitalism is an in-depth look at how the uber-wealthy game the college-admissions system

Produced by C13Originals and hosted by documentary filmmaker Andrew Jenks, Gangster Capitalism, which premiered on Tuesday, tells the story of the folks behind Operation Varsity Blues, the FBI term for the massive college-admissions scandal engineered by William “Rick” Singer, who lured wealthy parents like Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman into his scheme by promising to get their children admitted to marquee-name colleges via the “side door.”

Cadence13 Launches Podcast with David Plouffe

On “Campaign HQ,” the former Obama campaign manager, White House advisor, and renowned political strategist, to bring listeners inside the war rooms of the presidential campaigns for an incisive look at the key decisions driving the race to 2020.

Entercom Announces Agreement in Principle to Acquire Cadence13

Today announced that it has acquired Pineapple Street Media, an award-winning, renowned independent producer of top-rated podcast content, and reached an agreement in principle to acquire Cadence13, an industry leader in podcast creation and distribution, to create a powerhouse podcast division under RADIO.COM.